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Kesher-Caring reaches out to members of our community, mutually supporting each other in moments of need and times of celebration, providing support and assistance in conjunction with clergy.

Provide a Meal

Be among our growing list of members who are willing to provide a meal to a family following the birth of a child, while recovering from an illness, during a time of mourning, etc. Feel free to cook, shop, or use a delivery service such as Grub Hub.

Drive Someone in Need of Transportation

Help someone who is unable to drive by volunteering to help with transportation to a doctor’s appointment, Beth Chaim event, etc.

Attend a Shivah Minyan

Be with a family to help honor the memory of a loved one. Attend a shivah minyan, ask how we may be able to do to offer additional support, and communicate that information to clergy or the Kesher chairs.

Interested in serving?

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Need help with any of our services? 
Contact Lori Watson or Hagit Sten 

609-290-5867 or 609-876-6809
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