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Hineini Questions and Answers

Q:  Why Hineini and why did we move to this model?

A   Today and as used in our Torahhineini” means “I am here.” Making a Hineini pledge allows you to stand up and be counted as a member of our Beth Chaim community. It allows you to demonstrate your commitment to sustain and grow our congregation.

We moved to the Hineini model two years ago to remove financial barriers to participation and to adopt a more sustainable approach to funding Beth Chaim’s costs.  In introducing the Hineini pledge, we aligned our funding model with our values by making space for every person who wants to be a part of our religious, educational, and cultural community.


Q:  How has the Hineini Model changed Beth Chaim?

A:    The Hineini program has opened our doors to many new households far surpassing our expectations. Our membership is growing – people of all ages are becoming a part of our vibrant community. That has led to larger crowds and increased engagement at programming of all kinds throughout the year. 


Q:  What should I consider when choosing the amount I pledge for 2024-25/5785?

A:    Each of our first two years of Hineini improved over our last year of fixed dues, and the second year of Hineini significantly improved over the first.  However, in both years Hineini pledges fell short of our budgeted goal and we covered the cash shortfall from available reserves. We want to ensure that Beth Chaim remains vibrant, welcoming to all and financially sound. That is why we are asking all members to consider increasing their Hineini pledges this year.

        To keep Beth Chaim vibrant and financially sound, we suggest that you pledge $2,450 or more this year.  We know, however, that $2,450 is not feasible for all of our community members.  If that amount is not within reach, please consider increasing your pledge over last year’s if you can.  If each household increased their pledge by 10% (and we understand that not all can), we would be well on our way to ensuring a strong financial future for Beth Chaim.

        If you are able to contribute $2,450 or more, please do so because not all of our member households can.  Gifts at that level go a long way toward helping us keep our doors open to all.


Q: Where does my Hineini pledge go? What does it support?

A:    Everything that Beth Chaim needs to be an open and welcoming community, everything you see when you visit the campus, and so much you dont see … these are all things our Hineini pledges make possible. Family programs, adult education, Shabbat and holiday services, lifecycle events, pastoral care, A/C when its hot, heat when its cold, electricity, water — these are all included in Beth Chaims budget. Basically, your Hineini pledge helps Beth Chaim keep our lights on, doors open and community alive.


Q: Where to Hineini pledges fit into balancing Beth Chaim’s budget?

A:    Hineini pledges are our principal source of financial support.  Beth Chaim’s income comes from Hineini pledges, High Holy Day contributions and other fundraising, Pre-School and Religious School tuition, rental income and limited contributions from our HOLI Fund (endowment) and our auxiliaries (Sisterhood and Men’s Club).  Hineini pledges provide 50% of our total income and represent more than 80% of total budgeted fundraising income.


Q: What is the Chai Circle program, and how does it relate to Hineini pledges?

A:    The Chai Circle program, started in our second year of Hineini pledges, recognizes the tremendous generosity of member households whose total contributions exceed the suggested Hineini pledge by a certain amount.  Contributions recognized for the Chai Circle program include Hineini pledges, Oneg sponsorships, ads and sponsorships for special events, and other donations.  (Tuition, fees and payments for goods or services are not included for Chai Circle purposes.)

        In our second year of Hineini pledges, more than 100 member households joined our Chai Circles.  For more information on the Chai Circle program, please click here.


Mon, June 24 2024 18 Sivan 5784