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Yahrzeit Candle Lighting Ceremony

It is customary to gather on the eve of the anniversary of the death of the departed and recite the following:

At this moment which bears the memory of our beloved (name), let us join hands in a token of God's grace. A link has been broken in the chain of affection which has long bound us together, yet the blessed bonds of home and love remain. With prayerful heart, we receive this divine gift of life which holds us together in family unison.

Eternal God, we thank you that in the hour of bereavement you did sustain us. Though sorrow lingers in our memory, we have learned that love is stronger than death. To you we lift grateful hearts, for we sense our beloved in our midst as a living presence. We acknowledge your mercy, O God, who strengthens your children with faith and peace.

​As our dear one lives again for us in these words and memories, we kindle the yahrzeit light and sanctify it in the remembrance of the Divine Word: The spirit of humanity is the lamp of the Eternal. (Kindle the Memorial Light) 



The memory of the righteous is a blessing.


To make a donation in memory of a loved one, please click HERE.

To purchase a yahrtzeit plaque for display in our sanctuary, please click HERE.

Thu, May 30 2024 22 Iyar 5784