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New Member Hineini Pledge

We are delighted you have said "Hineini--Here I Am" and chosen to be part of Congregation Beth Chaim!  Your presence is part of what makes our community so special. We hope that you will find membership an enriching experience and encourage you to explore the diverse opportunities for Jewish expression that Beth Chaim offers.

Our congregation is funded primarily by your Hineini Pledges. Below, instead of membership levels, you will see guidance based on a "Sustaining Amount," which is what it costs, per household to fund Congregation Beth Chaim, after other forms of income are considered. If you are logged in to your account, you will also see the total amount of dues and donations you gave in the prior year. We know that some people are able to give less and others can give more. 

We ask that you pledge in an amount that is meaningful to you, as we know that together our community will continue to thrive.

Please call our office at 609.799.9401 if you have any questions or need assistance in filling out this application. All information in this application will be treated confidentially.


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Hineini Pledge

Congregation Beth Chaim has moved to a new philathropic funding model. In the past, each family was asked to pay a set dues amount based on demographic information (single/married, age). New for Fiscal Year 2023, we are asking each household to pledge an amount that is meaningful to them.

Please keep in mind that in order for Congregation Beth Chaim to continue to be here for you, our members, members need to contribute the "Sustaining Amount" ON AVERAGE. This  amount is simply the total operating cost after other sources of revenue are considered divided by the total number of households.

For the Fiscal Year starting on July 1, 2022, the Sustaining Amount is $1,971, which also honors the year of our Founding, 51 years ago. 

Some households will contribute more than the Sustaining Amount and some will contribute less. In fact, to give you another reference point, the amount you contributed last year in dues plus fundraising is provided. We hope that you will consider giving at or above that amount, but every contribution is appreciated and each member is equally valued.

Thank your for your generosity!
Please enter a meaningful Hineini Pledge here.

Optional Fees

   Men's Club
   Beth Chaim Temple Youth (BCTY)



2022-23 School Tuition and Fees: 

  • Bagels and Blocks (3s to pre-K): $55
  • Kindergarten and First Grade: $1,074
  • Second and Third Grades: $1,324
  • Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Grades: $1,464
  • Seventh, Eighth, Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Grades: $ 540

Includes membership commitment, optional dues, any donations and school registration fees.

                                  PLANNED GIVING                                                         

Comments, Questions or Special Requests:


On the next page you will be presented with payment options.

Although support from our members is essential to the operation of temple, we are Kehillah Kedoshah--a sacred community. We want the interactions between our office and our members to be a point of connection, not about collections. As you may be aware, the temple made some changes to how membership commitment payments are accepted. We now ask that every member make payment arrangements up-front so that we can better manage temple resources, and focus more on providing the services, programming and education opportunities that are central to who we are as a community.

Hineini Pledges and Religious School fees are considered committed and payable on July 1. For your convenience, there are a few options to pay over time from which you may choose.

  • Pay in Full by check by July 1.
  • If you choose to pay by credit card or electronic check (ACH). -- You may choose to pay in up to 10 monthly installments right on the payment page.
  • Contact the office to make other payment arrangements. Please note that your payment arrangements for your commitment must be established by August 15th in or to get High Holy Day Tickets.
If you are not able to make a payment in full, please consider making recurring electronic payments. If you would like to set up recurring payments, but have trouble using the new system, please call or email Wendy Levenkron, our bookkeeper, to set it up for you. W

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you wish to have your contribution billed to your account and wish to establish a multiple payment arrangement, please select Bill To My Account on the next page, and DO NOT change the payment amount/frequency.  You will then need to email to make your alternate payment arrangements. 

By completing this form, I am affirming that all the information entered here is accurate and up to date, to the best of my knowledge.

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Fri, December 2 2022 8 Kislev 5783