Sustaining Membership

Why Sustaining Membership Matters

Sustaining Members of Congregation Beth Chaim are congregants who are able to give more than their regular dues to further our mission. In recent years, we have dramatically enhanced our religious school and lifelong learning programs. However, the costs of these and other Temple programs are significant. This can be an added burden for families with children, as well as our senior members.

All of us can be proud of Congregation Beth Chaim's growth and importance in the community. We should be grateful for the numerous ways it helps to bring Judaism into our lives. Sustaining Membership provides an annual opportunity to make this even more possible. By becoming a Sustaining Member, you can proudly add your name to those who willingly assist our Temple to flourish.

In recognition of a member's generosity, all Sustaining Members will be annually recognized on a special Sustaining Member display in our main lobby.

Sustaining Membership Categories


Become a Sustaining Member Now!

Please join your fellow congregants by becoming a Sustaining Member. Your additional contribution can be the difference in our mission to be the vital caring community we strive for daily at Congregation Beth Chaim.

You can become a Sustaining Member by completing the form below.


For questions, contact Larry Jasper, Financial Secretary at

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