Re-Opening Task Force

January 5 - Update

The Board of Beth Chaim is committed to the health and safety of all of our Congregants, Staff, and visitors to our sacred space. After significant discussion, and after meeting with medical professionals, it has been determined that in order to continue to best meet the needs of our community, in-person services and programs will be open only to vaccinated individuals. 
Infection rates are now higher than ever. The good news is that this variant seems to be quite mild for those who are fully vaccinated with their most recent dose within the last 6 months. As such, we need to shift to a perspective of mitigating risk rather than eliminating all transmission. Although there is an increasing rate of cases among those who have been vaccinated, the rate of serious illness and death are very small among that population. To paraphrase Fiddler on the Roof – “that was a miracle, too.”
However, Covid-19 remains deadly serious among the unvaccinated. We know that the only way to eliminate the risk of transmission is isolate in our homes. This is not practical, and comes with a very high toll for many. Permitting those with proof of vaccination to attend in-person programming will help everyone enjoy our Temple in the best way they determine to be appropriate. We now require the use of N95 masks or similar--cloth masks will no longer be acceptable unless worn over a disposable mask. We also strongly encourage physical distancing. We ask that those who join us in person bring proof of vaccination (last dose or booster within the last 6 months) in the form of a vaccine card or the “Docket” app. Board members will be asked to check, so your patience and courtesy towards all of our volunteers is appreciated, as always.
Regardless of vaccination status, everyone is encouraged to take advantage of our online opportunities on Zoom and YouTube. We really are getting quite good at providing tremendous content online – and we encourage you to spend some time with us.

We will continue to offer in-person options as long as our staff are comfortable doing so. For everyone's safety, they will be testing frequently. Please report any exposures so we can communicate anonymously with the community so that everyone can make their own choices to manage risk accordingly. 
Whatever way you participate, we look forward to seeing you. 

--Rhonda Wydra, President
   and Todd Wachtel, Covid Task Force Chair