Tikkun Olam's summer 2020 roundup

The summer of 2020 brought many challenges as the pandemic changed almost everything, yet homeless families in the Trenton/Mercer County area, especially the children, remained very vulnerable. Beth Chaim’s Tikkun Olam (Healing the World) committee responded to HomeFront’s appeals by running 3 online sign-ups this summer that brought a huge response from our generous community of congregants. Due to the temple’s building closure, we ran our collections and deliveries from the homes of individual congregants, thank you to our volunteers!

First, we supported HomeFront’s pop-up camp activities at local motels with bagged lunches for approx. 25 campers, including extra fresh fruit an item is in high demand and often not available to these children.

Second, our early summer sneaker drive brought approx. 25 pairs, much appreciated! Third, in response to HomeFront's reduced overall donations this year and gaps in their back-to-school drive, we ran another online sign-up on super-short notice in late August to collect specific items needed for students this school year. The response from our Beth Chaim community was huge and heartwarming, including the following: 80+ pencil sharpeners, 30+ children’s scissors, 20+ geometry sets, piles of pencil boxes and loose leaf paper, as well as another 20 pairs of requested size black sneakers!

Many thanks to everyone who participated recently in Tikkun Olam’s ‘Healing the World’ mission, one mitzvah at a time. Stay tuned for scheduling of meetings and programs this fall.

Holly Singer, Co-Chair


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