Good and Welfare

The Board and Trustees of Congregation Beth Chaim wish to extend their sincerest condolences to the families of the following individuals upon their passing:

Jean Pucciatti, mother of Joseph Pucciatti

Erwin Markman, grandfather of Jeremy Kaber

T Rabbit Orbach, son of Frank Orbach and stepson of Dulivanette Onema-Orbach

Associate Rabbi Discretionary Fund

Thank you, Rabbi Blum, for leading our annual women’s Seder

Village Grande Hadassah

Thank you, Rabbi Blum, for speaking to our group

Brandeis National Committee Westlake Chapter

With immense gratitude for Rabbi Blum’s guidance and support for leading my Bar Mitzvah service

Lorenzo Moreno

Mazel Tov to Neil & Susan Sandler on Aliza & Matt’s wedding

Joni & Ken Freedman

Mazel Tov to Rabbi Blum, Sean and Jonah on the arrival of Ari Seth

Barbara Gilbert

Karen Brodsky & Don Leibowitz

Shelli Rafkin

Evelyn & Irwin Behren

Barbara Sarfaty

Mary Ellen & Michael Kessler

Elana Berlinger

Paula & Charles Small

In memory of Jack Goldstein

Robert Goldstein and Family

In memory of Eileen Davidson

Holly & Neal Feder


In memory of Samantha Josephson

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Halper

The Silberberg Family

Susan Lovett Altman

Building Fund

In memory of T Rabbit Orbach

Karen Brodsky & Don Leibowitz

Camp Harlam Scholarship Fund

In celebration of Anita Israel's 90th birthday

Jerry Bagel

In memory of Samantha Josephson

The Pierce Family in Memphis, TN (members of Temple Israel)

Cantor’s Discretionary Fund

In loving memory of Louis Mattis

Carol & Bill Langer

Caring Committee Fund

In memory of Gerald Charney’s father, Murray Charney

Vicki & Jerry Charney

Chai Fund

In honor of Carson Schneck becoming Bar Mitzvah

Jennifer, Anabella & Begonia Ruiz

A donation made by

Ruth Payne

Choir Fund

In memory of Jean Pucciatti

Karen Brodsky & Don Leibowitz

Elana Berlinger

Les Nagler

In memory of Lois’ father, Aaron Basen

Lois & Beni Hayon

Bob Gilbert Memorial Fund

In memory of Robert Gilbert

The Gilbert and Kaufmann Family

Debra Greenberg Memorial Fund

In memory of Jean Pucciatti

Eileen & Len Greenberg

Religious School Fund

In memory of Samantha Josephson

Barbara & Miles Ettman

In celebration of Dayley Katz becoming Bat Mitzvah

Arlene & Stan Dorfman

Senior Rabbi Discretionary Fund

In memory of Anne Schmalz

Barbara & Norman Some

Tikkun Olam Fund

Congratulations to Janet & Rick Gross on celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary

Marcey & Jeff Mandell

In honor of the birth of Ari Seth Blum

Helen & Len Ciangiulli

In honor of Jane Krittman’s granddaughter, Maya, becoming Bat Mitzvah

Ronnie Leonard

In memory of Malcolm Robbins

Myrna & Richard Robbins

In memory of Renée Sachs

Cheryl Wexler, Art Rosenberg & Megan

Yahrzeit Fund

In memory of Ilya’s father, Joseph Ben

Nadia & Ilya Ben

In loving memory of Sallie Dulberg

Carol & Bill Langer

In memory of Louis C. Zlotkin

Dee & Alan Carlton and Michael

In memory of Lothar & Elizabeth Daniel

Phyllis Daniel Stoolmacher

In loving memory of Mollye Blumberg

Iris, Scot, Kelli, Shari & Walt

In memory of Ida Kaplowitz

Anita Hammond

Prayer Books Purchased

In loving memory of Samantha Josephson

The Price Family


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