Good and Welfare

The Board and Trustees of Congregation Beth Chaim wish to extend their sincerest condolences to the families of the following individuals upon their passing:

Simone Levitt, mother of Gaby Altman

Alvin Miller

Beverly Platton, mother of Brian Platton

Sylvia Hollender, mother of Karen Hochron


In memory of Sylvia Hollender

Arlene & Steven Harris

Building Fund

In honor of Rabbi Wisnia’s retirement with 40+ years of service to Beth Chaim

Suzanne & Allan Friedland

Carrie & Andrew Bokar

Cantor’s Discretionary Fund

In memory of Joan Bieber

Amanda & Edgar Newell

In memory of my mother, Fannie S. Eisenberg

Kenneth Eisenberg

Choir Fund

A donation made by

Paula Plantier

Harry Druckman Memorial Garden Fund

In memory of our mother, Florence Druckman

Joan & Richard Druckman

Bob Gilbert Memorial Fund

Wishing Keith Sachs a speedy recovery

Barbara Gilbert

In memory of Norman Itzkowitz

Barbara Gilbert

In memory of Evelyn Kaplan

Barbara Gilbert and Family

In memory of Simone Levitt

Les Nagler

Pre-School Fund

Mazel Tov to Carol & Steven Cohn on grandchild #7

Maida & Art Rosengarten

Rabbi Blum’s Discretionary Fund

In memory of Tillie Sternberg

Joni & Ken Freedman

In memory of Stanley Rothstein

Joni & Ken Freedman

In memory of Ann Monka

Joni & Ken Freedman

In memory of Beverly Platton

Fiona & Brian Platton and Family

In memory of Diane Chiger's Dad and Judy Loeb's Grandfather, Lee A. Naar

Diane & Steven Chiger

Rabbi Wisnia’s Discretionary Fund

In honor of our daughter, Shira’s baby naming

Naomi, Gregg, Charlotte & Shira Love

In loving memory of Sol Langer

Carol & Bill Langer

Tikkun Olam Fund

Glad to see Fran Lichtenstein walking around

Linda & Bill Feldstein

In memory of Samuel Robbins

Myrna & Richard Robbins

In memory of Tibi Sands

Arlene Munkacsi

Yahrzeit Fund

In loving memory of my mother, Evelyn Glasser

Barbara & Ted Glasser

In loving memory of Jacqueline F. Zlotkin

Dee & Alan Carlton and Michelle

In memory of Julius Weisenberg

Cecelia Weisenberg

In memory of Helen Schreiber

Rita Seigel

In memory of Albert Shedler

Mindy & Michael Shedler

In memory of Nadia Ben’s uncle, Zus Ploskin

Nadia & Ilya Ben

In memory of Yankel Ben

Nadia & Ilya Ben

In memory of Irving Kantrowitz

Paula & Robert Bacall

In memory of Lee A. Naar

Nancy Naar


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