Good and Welfare

The Board and Trustees of Congregation Beth Chaim wish to extend their sincerest condolences to the families of the following individuals upon their passing:

Jesse Goldstein, nephew of our congregant Robert Goldstein Ruth Arias, mother of Martin Arias Marlene Brown, wife of David McMillan and daughter of Barbara and Jim Brown

Camp Harlam Scholarship Fund

Celebrating Rachel’s engagement to Ross Friedman

Ellen & Marshall Calman

Harry Druckman Garden Fund

In memory of Joan’s mother, Natalie Moskovitz at the time of her Yahrzeit

Joan & Richard Druckman

Bob Gilbert Memorial Fund

Mazel Tov to Jill & Allen Goldstein on the birth of their new grandson

Barbara Gilbert

Library Fund

In memory of Marlene Brown

Evelyn Behren

Rabbi Blum’s Discretionary Fund

In gratitude of their daughter Sydney becoming Bat Mitzvah

Stacey & Jamie Blecher

In honor of Helen & Len Ciangiulli’s grandson, Jonah becoming Bar Mitzvah

Ellen & Arnold Sherman

Thank you for honoring us with an Aliyah during Yom Kippur

Ellen & Arnold Sherman

Rabbi Wisnia’s Discretionary Fund

In honor of Jill & Allen Goldstein's new grandson, John Leech

Maida & Art Rosengarten

In honor Rabbi Wisnia’s retirement after 40+ years of service to Beth Chaim

Ruth Londoner

Wishing Jane Platt a comfortable recovery

Arlene Munkacsi

In memory of Sylvia Best

Arlene Munkacsi

In memory of Kathy Bellanger’s father, Norman

Arlene Munkacsi

Religious School Fund

Thank you

Dana Boyle

Sisterhood Stoller Scholarship Fund

Condolences to Robert Kleinman and Family on their great loss

Dick Stoller & Diane Mandel

In memory of Marlene Brown

Donna, Phil, Jason & Lisa Sher

Karen Brodsky & Don Leibowitz

Maida & Arthur Rosengarten

Tikkun Olam Fund

In honor of the birth of our son, Leo, and wonderful baby naming ceremony

performed by Rabbi Wisnia

The Kingsnorths

In memory of Morris Balbresky

Myrna & Richard Robbins

In memory of Marlene Brown

Paula & Charlie Small

Yahrzeit Fund

In memory of Larry Resnick

Paula Rosenhaus

In loving memory of Sidney Smiler

Marcey & Jeffrey Mandell and Family

In memory of Reba Altus

Miriam & Jim Robin

Prayer Books Purchased

In loving memory of Zlota Perkel

Carol & Steve Cohn

Bradley, Laura, Lucas & Arya Cohn

Rebecca, David Ayla, Benjamin, Livya & Suri Dove Zwillinger

In loving memory of Dov Benjamin Wisnia

Carol & Steve Cohn

Bradley, Laura, Lucas & Arya Cohn

Rebecca, David Ayla, Benjamin, Livya & Suri Dove Zwillinger


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