Good & Welfare

The Board and Trustees of Congregation Beth Chaim wish to extend their sincerest condolences to the families of the following individuals upon their passing:

Marilyn Hecht, mother of Dana Hecht

John “Jack” Burns, father of Meg Armus

Alan "Lanny" Gartenberg, father of Jill Jaclin and Steve Gartenberg

Building Fund

In honor of Shane Mitchell’s Bar Mitzvah

The Leibowitz Family

In gratitude of our wedding

Elese Berk & Alex Turok

Cantor’s Discretionary Fund

Special thanks to Cantor Binder for Jillian Horowitz ‘s Bat Mitzvah

Terry & Larry Horowitz

Caring Committee Fund

In memory of Harriet Haber

Larry Haber

Choir Fund

In honor of the Beth Chaim Choir, with thanks for our latest season of song and for the wonderful opportunity to sing in prayer

Harriet Greenblatt

College Outreach Fund

In memory of Jack Burns

The Elias Family

Bob Gilbert Memorial Fund

Wishing Joe Silien a speedy and comfortable recovery.

Barbara Gilbert

Debra Greenberg Memorial Fund

In memory of Deanna Frankel

Eileen & Len Greenberg

Landscaping Fund

In memory of Ruth Ann Friedland, mother of Allan Friedland

Suzanne & Allan Friedland

Rabbi Blum’s Discretionary Fund

In honor of Haylee Resnick’s Bat Mitzvah

Florence & Ted Begun

In honor of Shane becoming a Bar Mitzvah

Faith & Ken Watov

Special thanks to Rabbi Blum for Jillian Horowitz ‘s Bat Mitzvah

Terry & Larry Horowitz

In gratitude of our wedding

Elese Berk & Alex Turok

Rabbi Wisnia’s Discretionary Fund

In honor of Elana Berlinger ‘s grandson, Ryan’s Bar Mitzvah

Arlene Munkacsi

Thank you for helping my daughter-in-law, Monique with her conversion.

Elana Berlinger

Special thanks to Rabbi Wisnia for Jillian Horowitz ‘s Bat Mitzvah

Terry & Larry Horowitz

Thank you, Congregation Beth Chaim, for teaching our son, David, for the past ten years

The Estulin Family

In honor of Maxwell’s baby naming

Kristin, Mike, Spencer & Maxwell Greenberg

In memory of Marilyn Hecht

Barbara Blayne & Howard Spitzer

In memory of my father, Jules Altus

Miriam Robin

In memory of Hope Wisnia

Anita Hochman

In loving memory of Marjorie Weinstein

With Love From Her Children

Margie Fisher

A donation from

Patti & Richard Wold

Religious School Fund

In honor of Monique Pascual’s conversion

Arlene Munkacsi

Special thanks to Anne Bergman-Waldorf for Jillian Horowitz ‘s Bat Mitzvah

Terry & Larry Horowitz

Tikkun Olam Fund

In memory of Tillie Balbresky

Myrna & Richard Robbins

In memory of Alan “Lanny” Gartenberg

Linda & Bill Feldstein

Paula & Robert Bacall

Yahrzeit Fund

In memory of Alan Medoff

Anita Hammond

In memory of Ilya Ben’s mother, Sara Ben

Nadia & Ilya Ben

In memory of Miriam Schwartz

Gary Schwartz

In memory of my sister, Tillie Lee Citron

Ellen Rabinowitz

Prayer Books Purchased

In memory of our parents, Miriam & Peter Begun and Carolyn & Charles Sunstein

Florence & Ted Begun

In memory of Rae Lindenbaum, beloved mother and grandmother

Fran, David, Jenna, Ali & Matt Lichtenstein

In memory of Isadore Lindenbaum, beloved father and grandfather

Fran, David, Jenna, Ali & Matt Lichtenstein


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