Men's Club Guest Speaker

The Men’s Club of Congregation Beth Chaim Presents: Portraits of a Hidden Child and A Lost Childhood Open to all

Sunday, April 22 | 10:00am

Please join us to hear our congregant guest speaker, Keith Sachs present "Portraits of a Hidden Child and A Lost Childhood."

Renée Sachs, former Beth Chaim congregant, recorded a video memoir of her WWII experiences and how they impacted the choices she made in life. Her family gifted the memoir to the United States Memorial Holocaust Museum in 2016.

In the memoir, she tells her story of the war as seen through the eyes of a 5-year-old child and delivers her message for today and tomorrow. She survived the Holocaust. Could she survive life after the Holocaust?

The terrible memories of multiple abandonments and the guilt of having survived were always there, but she had to justify her life. Why had G-d chosen her to survive while so many others died?

She chose to teach the lessons of the Holocaust, speaking to audiences of young and old. Audiences of all faiths and no faith. Her messages, “no parents and no children should suffer as the parents and children suffered during this terrible time in history” and “that each of us has the obligation to speak for those who cannot speak. Do not be silent for it is mankind’s worst sin of all.” Her husband, Keith Sachs, will introduce the memoir and give us additional insight into this fascinating woman.

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