Good & Welfare

The Board and Trustees of Congregation Beth Chaim wish to extend their sincerest condolences to the families of the following individuals upon their passing:

Shirley Altfeld, mother of Cindy Bright

Helene Nelson, wife of Larry Nelson

Joan Dicker, mother of Steven Dicker


A donation made by

Liz Dickerman & Rick Arons

Caring Committee Fund

Wishing Lew Cashman a speedy recovery.

Ann Brandt

In memory of Helene Nelson

Lori & Seth Derman

In memory of Shirley Altfeld

Lori & Seth Derman

In memory of Hazel Haber

Larry Haber

In memory of Charlotte Friedman

Nancy & Gerald Siegel

Choir Fund

In honor of Joe & Sandy Pucciatti

Susan Gleeksman

In honor of Jean & John Withers

Susan Gleeksman

Harry Druckman Garden Fund

In memory of Joan’s mother, Natalie Moskovitz, at this time of her yahrzeit

Joan & Richard Druckman

Bob Gilbert Memorial Fund

Donations made by

Judy & Eddie Gross

Linda & Gerson Teichman

Carol Freyer

Debra Greenberg Memorial Fund

In honor of Len Greenberg blowing the Shofar at High Holidays

Joan & Richard Druckman

Pre-School Fund

In memory of Goldie Cowen, mother of Joyce Gorsky and Paula Small

The Calman Family

Rabbi Blum’s Discretionary Fund

Mazel Tov to Lisa Silber on the birth of her grandson, Austin Isaac

Joni & Ken Freedman

Rabbi Wisnia’s Discretionary Fund

With deep appreciation for Rabbi Wisnia’s guidance and support

Lorenzo Moreno

In honor of our granddaughter's naming

David and Lisa Abramson

Congratulations to Janet & Alan Farber on Daniel‘s marriage to Jen

Ilene & Lew Cashman

In honor of Myrna & Stan Greengrass’ grandson, Jack becoming. Bar Mitzvah

Ilene & Lew Cashman

Thank you for the honor of calling us to open the ark Rosh Hashanah evening

Joan & Richard Druckman

A donation made by

Liz Dickerman & Rick Arons

In memory of Murray L. Friedman

The Friedman Family

In memory of Len Hittner, Beatrice & Murray Goldberg, Karen Goldberg,

Blanche & Joseph Hittner and Carol Fein

Ann Hittner

In memory of Helene Nelson

Susan & Michael Bauer

In memory of Stan Burman, beloved husband, father and grandfather

Bunny & Marty Sacharoff

Karen & Milt Citron

Sisterhood Stoller Scholarship Fund

In memory of Shirley Altfeld

Mindy & Michael Shedler

Donna & Phil Sher

Ilene & Mark Janofsky

Karen Brodsky & Don Leibowitz

Sherryl & Ken Leon and Family

Special Education Fund

In memory of the mother of Len Baum

Marcey & Jeff Mandell

Tikkun Olam Fund

In memory of Morris Balbresky

Myrna & Richard Robbins

In memory of Bertha Robbins

Myrna & Richard Robbins

In memory of Richard Franco, brother of Estelle Weintraub

Barbara Sarfaty

In memory of Leni Sturner

Les Nagler

Yahrzeit Fund

In memory of my husband, Walter Blumenthal

Gerry Fogelman

In memory of Sidney Gordon

Cindy & Alan Gordon

In memory of Sidney Smiler

Marcey & Jeffrey Mandell and Family

In memory of Leonard Calman

Ellen & Marshall Calman

In memory of Joseph Marder

Bernice & Martin Sacharoff

In memory of Lyle D. Rosen

Irene & Neil Rosen

Prayer Books Purchased

In honor of Joy, Joel, Carson & Jessica Schneck

Gail and Stanley Pearson


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