Good & Welfare

The Board and Trustees of Congregation Beth Chaim wish to extend their sincerest condolences to the families of the following individuals upon their passing:

Barry Rosenhaus, husband of Paula Rosenhaus

Charlotte Friedman, mother of Leonard Baum

Caring Committee Fund

In memory of Barry Rosenhaus

Larry Haber

Susan Gleeksman

Harry Druckman Garden Fund

In memory of Joan’s father, Sumner Moskovitz at this time of his yahrzeit

Joan & Richard Druckman

Bob Gilbert Memorial Fund

In memory of Barry Rosenhaus

Barbara Gilbert

Barbara Blayne and Family

Debra Greenberg Memorial Fund

In memory of Barry Rosenhaus

Eileen & Len Greenberg

In memory of Debra Greenberg

Raleigh Rigler

Library Fund

In memory of Barry Rosenhaus

Evelyn & Irwin Behren

Rabbi Blum’s Discretionary Fund

Thank you, Rabbi Blum, for your talk

Clearbrook Brandeis

Thank you, Rabbi Blum, with gratitude at the High Holy Days

Francis Lees & Frances Mascia-Lees

Rabbi Blum, L’Shanah Tovah

Denise & Arnold Landy

In honor of the birth of Dr. & Mrs. Hugh Habas’ granddaughter, Teagon

Joni & Ken Freedman

Rabbi Wisnia’s Discretionary Fund

In honor of our 50th wedding anniversary

Florence & Ted Begun

In honor of Larry Haber’s new grandson, Zev S. Haber

Florence & Ted Begun

In honor of Karen Brodsky & Don Leibowitz‘s first grandson

Maida & Art Rosengarten

Rabbi Wisnia, L’Shanah Tovah

Denise & Arnold Landy

In honor of our wedding

Laura & Brian Misher In memory of Ruth Eiseman

Tina & Alan Balaban

In memory of David A. Goldberg, beloved father of Jeff Goldberg and grandfather of Max, Noah, and Cole

Betty & Marty van de Rijn

In memory of Esther Goldstein

Paula & Charles Small

In memory of Marjorie Eisenberg

Ken & Mike Eisenberg

In memory of Sidney Shara

Judith & Robert Shuster

In memory of Barry Rosenhaus

Raleigh Rigler

In memory of Charlotte Friedman

Maida & Art Rosengarten

Sisterhood Stoller Scholarship Fund

In memory of Jerry Kopel

Dick Stoller

Special Education Fund

In honor of the Bar Mitzvah of Alex Bokar, grandson of Suzanne & Allan Friedland

Suzanne & Allan Friedland

In memory of Ellen Perkiss and Lewis Perkiss

Mark Perkiss, Ellen Chajson & Evan Perkiss

Tikkun Olam Fund

Wishing a speedy recovery to Evelyn Behren

Phyllis & Michael Zieky

In memory of Barry Rosenhaus

Barbara Sarfaty

Yahrzeit Fund

In memory of Augusta Brown

Cecelia Weisenberg

In memory of my father, Charles Roistacher

Joan Blitman

Prayer Books Purchased

In memory of Charlotte Friedman, mother of Len Baum (4 books donated)

Liz Dickerman & Rick Arons

Denise & Ron Weinstein

Cindy & Ron Levine

Denise & Arnie Landy

Susan & Ira Akselrad


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