Good & Welfare

The Board and Trustees of Congregation Beth Chaim wish to extend their sincerest condolences to the families of the following individuals upon their passing:

Lucille Siskind, mother of Adam Siskind

Suzanne Akselrod, mother of Sherry Sukienik

Camp Harlam Scholarship Fund

Thank you for the opportunity to chant the Haftarah during Yom Kippur services

Jill Jaclin

Caring Committee Fund

In memory of Gladys Nahmias’ brother

Arlene Munkacsi

In memory of Harriet Haber

Larry Haber

In memory of Bea Kessler

Anita & Seymour Letzter

In memory of Gara Steinberger-Weismann

Anita & Seymour Letzter

Chai Fund

In honor of Jonah Michael Blum

Ann Brandt

Dov Fund

In honor of the birth of our first grandchild, Ruby Sierra Balaban

Tina & Alan Balaban

In memory of Edith Rodman, mother of Vicki Charney and Beatrice Charney, mother of Jerry Charney

Vicki & Jerry Charney

Bob Gilbert Memorial Fund

In honor of Les Nagler's special birthday

Barbara Gilbert

Debra Greenberg Memorial Fund

In memory of Irwin Hecht

Eileen & Len Greenberg

Landscaping Fund

In memory of Owen Brandt

Ann Brandt

Rabbi Blum’s Discretionary Fund

In memory of Edward Gates

Joni & Ken Freedman

Rabbi Wisnia’s Discretionary Fund

In memory of David A. Rosenbloom

Samuel G. Kahn

In memory of Skyler

Ellen & Joseph Burns

In memory of Tina’s father, George Wishansky

Tina & Alan Gross

In memory of Lawrence Tabor

The Tabor Family

Religious School Fund

Thank you to my students for thinking of me this Chanukah!

Morah Stephanie

Yahrzeit Fund

In memory of Sally Wiernik

Bridget & Stan Wiernik

In memory of Nachum Yasnogorodsky, father of Nadia Ben

Nadia & Ilya Ben

In memory of our beloved mother, Celia Schrob

Marsha & David Schrob

In memory of our beloved brother, Herb Schrob

Marsha & David Schrob

In memory of David Zieky

Phyllis & Michael Zieky

In memory of Edith Zieky

Phyllis & Michael Zieky

In memory of David H. Mirsky

Phyllis & Michael Zieky

In memory of my husband, Robert Stern

Irene Stern

In memory of my brother, Morton Solomon

Irene Stern

In memory of my parents, Bertha and Louis Oliver

Frances Rothman

In memory of Laurel Shedler

The Shedler Family


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