Beth Chaim Virtual Congregational Seder

Sunday, March 28 at 5pm on Zoom


2021 Haggadah for our Congregational Seder

The text will be projected on the screen during the seder, but you can also print it out beforehand. If you would like to download it and use your own digital copy during the seder, we recommend you use a second screen for Zoom.

If you would like to lead an English reading in our seder, please contact Rabbi Adena Blum so she can coordinate with you.

We will lead the entire seder together, leaving the festive meal for afterward. 

Checklist for their seder (Not required this year! Do the best you can):

  • 2 candles

  • cups of wine or grape juice for every participant

  • cups of water for every participant

  • Purell, hand wipes, or water pitcher with basin and towels for handwashing

  • Seder plate: shankbone (or roasted beet), charoset, roasted egg, horseradish, lettuce, green vegetable or herb (like parsley), orange (optional)

  • matzah

  • salt water

  • 2 empty cups for Elijah and Miriam

  • pillow(s)

Passover Yizkor

Saturday, April  3 at 10:00am on Zoom

Holy Wanderers - a virtual Passover Retreat

Sunday, March 28 at 4pm - Friday, April 2 at 8pm


Beth Chaim is proud to partner with Noah Aaronson for a week of Passover learning. Starting with a musical introduction to the second Seder and ending with a spirited Shabbat service and with daily classes in between. His week will provide nourishment for the soul.


Combining music, mindfulness, movement, meditation, and text study, Noah Aronson will lead five unique weekday workshops exploring various character traits of Moses, Miriam, Aaron, and Batya. Through this lens, we will explore the traits of courage, vulnerability, awareness, humility, and faith and practice ways that these traits can guide us through the wilderness of our own selves.


Sunday, March 28 at 4:00 pm: Maggid in Song (Family-Friendly Concert)

Monday, March 29 at 1:00 pm: Courage

Tuesday, March 30 at 1:00 pm: Vulnerability

Wednesday, March 31 at 1:00 pm: Awareness

Thursday, April 1 at 1:00 pm: Humility

Friday, April 2 at 1:00 pm: Faith

Friday, April 2 at 3:00 pm: Closing Ritual and Pre-Shabbat Kumsitz

Friday, April 2 at 8:00 pm: Community Shabbat


Click here to register.

NOTE: you must register separately for each event.

Questions or assistance in registering, please contact Anne at

Virtual Passover Resources

List of curated digital content for Passover provided by the Reform Movement

Online Haggadot:

10 Tips for Your Virtual Seder

Alternative Seder Ideas


Connect your Passover celebration to the mitzvah of feeding the hungry:


If you have any questions as you are planning your Passover celebration, please reach out to any of our staff:

            Rabbi Adena Blum

            Cantor Stuart Binder

            Anne Berman-Waldorf            

Passover Food


If you are in need of Passover groceries but are not able to shop for yourself, there are several options available.


A number of grocery providers have delivery services; however, we cannot guarantee their availability, cost-effectiveness, timeliness, or inventory.



            Stop and Shop


There are congregants who have volunteered to buy groceries for congregants who are not able. While we will make every effort to fulfill requests and needs, we are limited by the availability of food in the stores. Please email Kesher-Caring Task Force.


If you are experiencing food scarcity, please call JFCS at 609-987-8100.