Gateways Initiative (scroll down to volunteer)

We are looking for volunteers who want to give a few hours to make a real impact. There will be few meetings and an emphasis on doing. Below you will find a working description for each task force that will be part of the first phase of the initiative. Each task force will be empowered to refine its description, develop an action plan, and then get to work making a difference.

Building & Technology: Nurturing an Accessible Sacred Space – Reviews our building, grounds and technology to provide greater access to Temple worship and programming for people with physical disabilities or other obstacles to full participation.

  • Use available 'toolkit' and other evaluative resources to identify changes and enhancements that can be made to assist people with disabilities

  • Determine whether there is additional technology that would advance the vision/mission of the inclusivity initiative and, if appropriate, work with other committees and staff to obtain and/or implement use of relevant equipment

  • Evaluate the signage around the building to ensure that all resources are fully utilized.

Kesher/Caring: Extending Support and Engaging in Celebration – Reaches out to members of our sacred community, mutually supporting each other in moments of need and times of celebration, providing support and assistance in conjunction with clergy.

  • Make personal visits, phone calls, etc. to reach out to the sick and homebound or members who recently experienced a loss.

  • Participate in shivah minyanim, coordinate a meal of condolence, organize meals and other needs, etc.

  • Reach out to families celebrating a simcha e.g. birth of a child/grandchild, B'nai Mitzvah, etc. (e.g. personalized small gifts, handmade or purchased, greeting cards, etc.)

Nefesh: Nurturing Mind, Body and Soul – implement programs and resources available to our members that promote and support healing and health

  • Encourage congregants to share their expertise to help promote the mind, body and soul. 

  • Explore opportunities to use CBC facilities for recovery and support group meetings and present recommendations to CBC board.