This is our temple’s senior youth group for 9th-12th graders. This group is part of NFTY, (the North American Federation of Temple Youth) the national reform youth movement. This group elects a board each year that is responsible for helping to plan and organize the activities of the group. Past events have included: trips to New York City and Philly, baseball games, ski trips, great adventure, Shul-in, Paintball, creative services, lounge night and more. This group also is involved with social action activities such as the annual BCTY food drive and fundraising bake sales. BCTY also helps out with other temple events such as the Purim Carnival. Members of BCTY are eligible to attend regional (GER and PAR) and national NFTY events. To learn more about NFTY you can visit www.nfty.org.

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D'abissi e di rugiade
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Below is a tentative calendar of upcoming events for BCTY. Please check back for updates.

August 18-21 - NFTY PAR SLK

September 13 - Rosh Hashanah Teen Services

September 19 - BCTY Havdalah and Bonfire

September 20 - BCTY Bake Sale

September 22 - Yom Kippur Teen Services

October 17 - BCTY Haunted Hayride

October 23 - 25 - NFTY PAR Fall Kallah

December 13 - BCTY Hanukkah Dance Party

January 15 - 17 - NFTY PAR WINSTY

January 31 - BCTY at iPlay America

February 28 - BCTY at Mahzu

March 5 - NFTY PAR Elections

March 20 - Purim Carnival, Pizza/Movie in Youth Lounge

April 8-10 - NFTY PAR Spring Kallah

May 22 - BCTY Field Day

May 13-15 - NFTY PAR Hag/Mac

June 5 - BCTY at Great Adventure


For more information about BCTY activities please contact advisor Samantha Jacobson at bcty@bethchaim.org.